Dear friends,

Many of you will already be aware of the escalating crisis in Venezuela. News reports show thousands of people leaving the country each week, unable to feed their families as the economy spirals out of control. The United Nations has described it as “one of Latin America’s largest mass population movements in history.”

The economic collapse has left the Bible Society in Venezuela in a desperate situation and in need of our prayer.  General Secretary Javier Chacon describes it as “an earthquake of 9.5 magnitude that leaves us totally devastated, to the country and to our mission.”

Since the crisis began around two years ago, the Bible Society has worked hard to keep afloat, providing Bibles and running projects to serve the churches. But soaring hyperinflation, predicted to reach one million percent by the end of the year, together with the recent re-conversion of the currency, devaluing it by 95%, is making it increasingly difficult. Various government decrees, including raising the minimum wage and increasing VAT, have also piled on the pressure.


Dear friends,

Many of you are already aware of the deadly Ebola Break-up in sub-region of West Africa. Liberia was affected and many of our people die as a result of the Outbreak.

The Bible Society In Liberia has decided come 2019 to embark on a Trauma Healing Program for Ebola Survivors specifically  women in Liberia. This project(Trauma Healing) Seeks to restore hope to women that were affected and lost the family members.

Pray with us as we seek the approval of this project so that the expected objective will be fruitful as we provide Trauma Healing for women come 2019.