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Donald Slager

August 31, 2022

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Donald Slager

August 31, 2022

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Mother Tongue Literacy Project

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roject Summary

Although significant improvement in the literacy rate has been observed in the last decade due to the reintroduction of government literacy program in 2005, yet 52.4% of Liberia’s population remains illiterate according to the CIA world facts book published in 2017, and there are significant disparities between male and female literacy rate; why the literacy statistic of the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) report for 2017 state 47.6% of the total adult literacy population of Liberia. The target groups for this program are adults who had missed the opportunity of formal education during their childhood. With this situation we intend to spread the truth of the scripture with love through mother tongue literacy program that will positively impact non-literate Christian adults in Churches and communities.  This project seeks to transmit knowledge and promote social participation of adult Christian in Church services thereby increasing the purchase of language scriptures.

Reason for Ranking

This project is ranked number five (5) due to its significant to ongoing translations, scripture engagements and future programs aims as given people equal access to the scripture, especial those illiterates in the English language.

Other Resources Wanted

Technical assistance from Bible Societies that have carryout similar project.  Volunteers and local stakeholders contributions for the success of the project

Project Goal

To make Scripture available and affordable to everyone, we believe literacy arouses hope in society and among individuals who strive for means far more than learning how to read and write. With such an objective, we have decided to train four hundred and fifty (450) adults from three language groupings (Gola, Mann, and Dan) through this project. Through the following:

1. To provide literacy education to 150 individuals from the Gola, Mann, Dan, and Grebo language groups who do not have formal education.

2. To establish literacy classes in communities where translation work is ongoing.

3. To promote the reading of translated scriptures among the Gola, Dan, and Mann language groups.

4. To motivate and encourage adults to share Bible lessons with their associates and families to increase their interest in God’s word, which will promote adult participation in Church activities.

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

The project aims to link Literacy more to the translation and publication process of the Gola, Mann, Dan, and Grebo scriptures. And to increase the reading population of the Gola, Mann, Dan, and Grebo speaking people before the publication of their scriptures.

Scripture & Prayer

Key Verse

The letter which you sent has been translated and read to me. Ezra 4:18

Prayer points

  1. –  We pray for Donors funding  to this project

–  We pray for the Bible Society as she out source staff for the implementation of the project

–  We pray for all of our stakeholders and the success of this project

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