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The Liberian Bible Society is working closely with the Gola people to translate the Holy scripture to the Gola language. The Lord was faithful, and the Gola New Testament has been translated. While we appreciate God for His blessing so far, there is a greater task ahead to complete the entire Gola Bible.

Gola Ministry
  • To translate the English New Testament into the Gola language, for the Gola speaking people of Liberia.

  • To carry out Bible engagement programs such as literacy training that will help them read and understand God’s words.

  • To make the Gola NT available through the publication of printed and electronic copies.

  • To work with the local churches in creating program that meet the economic needs of their congregations.

Help Translate the Bible Into Gola

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Our mission is to make the Bible available in the Gola language so every person can understand and so all people may experience its life-changing message.
Gola Language
The Catholic Church is one of the few churches well established in the Gola area and is helping the few Christians in the Gola region but they do not have any Scripture in the Gola language for evangelism. Donate today and spread the word of God.